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Shopping Center –STOPPED

Thanks to all  that came to meeting !   The “hall was packed”.   Council voted unanimously 13-0 against the rezoning.

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News Flash,February 7th: Led by Paul Baumbach,Newark area state representatives jointly sent a letter to County Council in OPPOSITION to Stopyra rezoning (Baumbach,Ramone,Kowalko,Miro,Osienski,and Sokola)

News Flash,February 1st: Feb 12th,7pm is “The Big One”where we need everyone there.  There is a subcommittee meeting on afternoon of Feb 5th –but that is not a meeting we need to attend –and that meeting has other long items on agenda.

News Flash,January 29th: Date set.  Send an email to if you have any questions and/or need help with ride / carpool.

News Flash,January 11th:County Council date set:February 12th,7pm,Council Chamber,1st Floor City/County Building,500 French Street Wilmington.  Click here for details and directions













News Flash,January 3rd: County Council meeting will be coming up in February or March –stay tuned for the exact date (click above link to receive updates). We need the greatest turnout possible by the community

News Flash,December 10:Eighteen months after the NCCo Planning Board Public Hearing the Stopyra Tract rezoning proposal for “Newark Town Center”has been approved by the Dept. of Land Use for submission to NCCo Council. THIS IS THE BIG ONE!

Dates of meetings are still uncertain but could all be in January 2013 (December 2012 is out of the question).There will be two stages:

1. Land Use Committee [LUC]:A committee of the whole of Council meeting on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. Presentations and discussions occur but no vote is taken.

2. County Council [CC]:Meetings Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Presentations and discussions again but this is the BIGVOTE! This is where we hope to see you,your neighbors,friends and relatives. NUMBERS COUNT AT THIS ONE! When this issue last came to County Council almost 25 years ago the Council Chamber was standing room only and almost 100 people were listening from the lobby. Noone spoke in favor. The proposal was unanimously denied.

We will get back to you when dates are certain but wanted you to start planning ahead to attend these meetings,particularly County Council,so critical to preserving theunique character of the Possum Park area. With your support we can win!

News Flash,August 16: 1) The NCCo Department of Land Use presented a thorough review of the Stopyra Tract “Newark Town Center”rezoning request.  Their finding was that the rezoning request did not meet the requirements of the NCCo Unified Development Code (UDC) with regard to Sec. 40.31.410 Standards for Zoning Map Amendment.  This section of the UDC specifies several factors that must be considered including,but not limited to,consistency with the character of the neighborhood,consistency with zoning and use of nearby properties,suitability of the property for the uses for which it has been proposed and affect on nearby properties.
As a result the Dept. of Land Use will make a negative recommendation to County Council on this rezoning request.

2) Following this presentation and recommendation the NCCo nine-member Planning Board introduced a motion that also made a negative recommendation on the rezoning request.  After a brief debate of issues including several of the above as well as traffic impact,the Planning Board voted 7-0-1-1 (For/Against/Abstain/Absent) to make a similar negative recommendation.
As a result the Planning Board will make a negative recommendation to County Council on this rezoning request.

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CAPPA stands for “Citizen’s Advocacy Possum Park Area.”  It is a group of people living in various Possum Park area communities. Get involved !!! A rezoning request has just been filed for the land opposite Holy Angels Church/School to add a large unsightly strip mall complex.    See the CAPPA newsletter for complete details.   This will make a traffic nightmare on Possum Park Road.

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A revised preliminary plan for the Commercial Regional Shopping Center proposed for the Acierno / Stopyra Tract has been submitted to the New Castle County Department of Land Use (DLU) by Mr. Frank Acierno. This development would require the rezoning of about 50 acres of the tract from its present Suburban (S) status to Commercial Regional (CR) status – A HUGE CHANGE!

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